An Undertaking of S.D.College (Lahore) Ambala Cantt

Dear Sir/ Madam,
Under the “Vedavyaasa Restructring Sanskrit Scheme” of Department of Sanskrit & SDHDR&T Center of SD College (Lahore), Ambala Cantt
(A) invites research papers for THREE BOOKS  on the following topics latest by  31 January, 2018.
1. HISTORY, PHILOSOPHY, PRACTICES & LITERATURE OF BAIRAGI SECT (PART-1) बैरागी सम्प्रदाय के इतिहास, दर्शन, प्रथाओं एवम् साहित्य की मीमांसा (भाग-१)” (Papers on Banda Bairagi not required as we already have papers on him)

2. DEFINING HISTORY OF HINDUS – ISSUES & CHALLENGES “हिन्दुओं के इतिहास का परिभाषण – विषय एवम् प्रत्याह्वान” (Part 1)

3. DEFINING SANATAN DHARAMA-A PROCESS OF RECONSTITUTING INDIA’S INDENTITY, सनातन धर्म का परिभाषिकीकरण – भारतीयता के अभिज्ञान निर्माण की प्रक्रिया


For any clarification,  pl. contact sub-editors–1.*Dr. Piyush Aggarwal9467922242 , 2. *Dr. Gaurav Sharma-8950190147
With warm regards

Ashutosh Angiras

Dr. Rajinder Singh Principal & Patron 09466596782