S.D. Human Development, Research & Training Center | S.D. COLLEGE (Lahore), AMBALA CANTT S.D. Human Development, Research & Training Center | S.D. COLLEGE (Lahore), AMBALA CANTT
सनातन धर्म मानव विकास शोध एवम् प्रशिक्षण केन्द्र
Sanatan Dharma Human Development, Research & Training Center


Latest Update

Again it is matter of satisfaction that Dept. Of Sanskrit & SDHDR&T Center of SD College, Ambala Cantt ” *Under the Vedvyaas Restructuring Sanskrit Scheme” have received grant of Rs. 10,00,000/- from *private sector for a Major Project on ” *ENCYCLOPEDIA OF BAIRAGI SECT Details of the working will be shared with you soon. Scholars of Sanskrit, history & other subjects are welcome to join us in this academic endeavor. Please visit this upcoming link and make suggestions freely and draw our attention to the shortcomings-


Part two of Bairagi Sect will be organized in early March, 2017.
Ashutosh Angiras

Dr Rajinder Singh Principal & Patron


Upcoming Event

*SDHDRT Center of S D College (Lahore), Ambala cantt cordially invites YOU to share Your views/ understanding in the following upcoming two academic events-
 (1) (For local members only) *SDHDRT Center of S D College (Lahore), Ambala cantt cordially invites YOU to share Your views/ knowledge/ understanding in *A two hrs discussion session on the Topic- ” पाश्चात्य एवं भारतीय-ज्ञान- परम्परा में आलोचनात्मक- चिन्तन के कार्यवाहक प्रतिमान ”  ” Working Model of Critical Thinking in Western & Indian Tradition of knowledge
Date – 16th December, 2017, Saturday time- 11.00 a.m. sharp
Place – audio visual room of library.
Discussion will be initiated by Dr. Pradeep Kumar of IMC&MT, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra to be followed by open house discussion .
Ashutosh Angiras
Student convener -Prince Arya
Dr. Rajinder Singh, principal & patron


(2) *DGHE, Haryana, Panchkula sponsored two days Inter-dsciplinary panel discussion cum Seminar on
 “* *Culture of Yoga: Defining Healthy Life Practices in 21st Century ” “योग-संस्कृति – २१वीं शताब्दी में स्वस्थ- जीवन-वृत्तियों का परिभाषण *
*dates – 19, 20 January, 2017, Friday, Saturday,* place – Seminar hall.
Detailed program cum idea of Seminar is coming up shortly.
Ashutosh Angiras
​*Dr. Rajinder Singh,                                 ​
Principal & Patron*


Visitor’s Comments

Shweta Daliwal, Rajiv Gandhi National Law University, Patiala

Wonderful website and initiative. This website gives much knowledge of the center.

Vivek Sharma, Dept of Sanskrit, Govt. College, Shimla

Very nice & informative website. It gives details about various programs and events to be conducted in near future. Also like the questionnaire section.

Sonia, Dept. of Mass Communication

Congratulations. Very informative website. I really like the Sanskrit texts section. This is very good for people looking for Sanskrit material on Internet.

  1. WHAT KIND OF FUTURE DO WE WANT? वयं सनातनधर्मानुरागिणः स्वात्मार्थे कीदृग्विधं भाविजीवनोत्कर्षं भावयामः?
  2.  WHAT DO WE WANT TO SUSTAIN, FOR WHOM AND FOR HOW LONG? कमर्थं पालयितुं रक्षितुं वा वयं बद्धादराः? तमर्थं कस्यार्थे कतिकालपर्यन्तं रक्षणाय वयं दॄढ़व्रताः वर्तामहे?
  3. WHAT DOES OUR THINKING HAVE TO DO WITH OUR CURRENT REALITY & OUR ABILITY TO ACHIEVE? अस्माकं विचारप्रवणतायाः वर्तमानकालवर्तिना याथार्थ्येन सह कीदृशः  सम्बन्धः? तत्प्राप्तौ च कियती चास्माकं योग्यता क्षमता वा?
  4. WHAT DOES OUR EDUCATION HAVE TO DO WITH OUR THINKING? अस्माकं विवेकवती संवेदनायाः अद्यतनीन शिक्षा किं किं साधयितुं क्षमा? Read More