An Undertaking of S.D.College (Lahore) Ambala Cantt

“PRE & POST PULWAMA ISSUES & RESPONSES – THE MEDIA, THE ARMY & THE PUBLIC in which col Satpal, Sh. Amit Bansal, Dr JP Gupta, Prof. Mayank, Prof. Rajeev Sharma, Sh Anil Mittal, Sh. BD Thaper, Prof. Chiman lal, Prof Jitender, Sh manish, Saurabh, Vishal, Rohan,Deepak & others shared there views. Dept of skt shared it’s understanding about the whole issue from from two perspectives – 1. Post pulwam Impact on public national sentiments, 2. Hype created by media about war in an irresponsible manner including misuse of language along with fake, distorted social media reports. Social Media is making society sick by overstretching issues about which all don’t hv understanding and knowledge. How many of us understand terrorism and militancy, public sentiment, army decision making, and working of diplomacy along with political will? Half news, motivated news, distorted news, confusing news , desi news, western world news all are bringing more confusion, disorientation and fake sense of knowledge etc among people. There were diffrent views about nationalism, patriotism , article 370, kashmir students issue, Wing Com Abhinandan, pakistani media, army etc.
Observation – every individual’s line of argument revolves around two three fixed terms which doesn’t allow the dialogue to open up. The terms like war mongering, jingoism, binary thinking, your type of nationalism etc kills the very spirit of discussion. These discussions are meant to enhance our own perception, our understanding, our thinking and at the same time not to misuse or over use of language.
Ashutosh Angiras,

Dr. Rajinder Singh, Principal cum Patron