An Undertaking of S.D.College (Lahore) Ambala Cantt

VedaVyaasa Restructuring Sanskrit Scheme”,by Dept of Sanskrit, NCC & SDHDR&T Center of S D College, Ambala Cantt on the topic – “EMERGING THREATS TO INDIAN NATIONALISM & COUNTER STRATEGY THINKING” “भारतीय राष्ट्र-भावना के प्रति उभरते संकट एवम् प्रतिकार-योजना विमर्श” in which Dr R k Gupta (panchkula) , Dr. Kanwal preet (chandigarh), Dr. Muhammad Idris (Srinagar JK),. Joined by video conferencing and Dr Shyam nath Jha, Dr Jaiprakash, Dr Uma Sharma, Sh B D Thaper, Dr Gaurav Sharma, Sh Ravi Arya, Sh Manish, Sh Saurabh joined the discussion. Dept of Sanskrit initiated discussion by raising the issues related to idea of Bharat – geographically and culturally and at the same time it was pointed out that constitutionally india is not defined by boundaries but by lines of controls, more so constitution has devided people of this land on the basis of language, region, parties etc and because of this bogus secularists made it a point not to honour the tools of national feelings and pride like Flag, Vande Matram and it’s cultural values & media took advantage of it to increase its TRP by showing pervert ideas of freedom. It was quite informative and interesting for dept of Sanskrit to understand the perception of JK views presented by Dr Idris ji only in the context of 60-70 yrs of violence. But it was good to know about outlook, perception of Kashmir people and on the other hand dept skt put forth it’s own perception about the India as a nation, as a state and as one land with its culture. Dept of Skt sees , feels India as a whole, right from Himalay to Hind Mahasagar so it’s strange to talk about kashmir as a different entity. There were other issues like politics, pundits, muslims, army, Nehru, politicians, media, pulawama attack were also discussed.
The discussion ended on the note that we all need to enhance our perceptions about the nation.
Ashutosh Angiras,

Dr. Rajinder Singh, Principal cum Patron