An Undertaking of S.D.College (Lahore) Ambala Cantt

As I’m growing up I’m beginning to realize that I’m greedy. Yes I’m, but I’m not greedy for money. I’m greedy for an exciting life because I think it would be unfair to live a monotonous one. I want my life to be exciting all the time and I get it, actually. And I admit that I can find excitement in literally anything.

I get excited about the little things that aren’t actually little, for me at least. Like the sunsets, flowers, hot coffee, long drives, deep conversations, horror movies, cozy socks, potato chips, soothing music, starry nights, caring people.These things are so little yet mean a lot to me. I try to findexcitement in anything and everything. Like I get excited about wearing a new dress for the first time. I get excited when I find a few extra bucks in my pocket. I get excited when I hear my favourite music. I get excited when my crush smiles at me or whenever he reacts to any of my posts. I get excited when I see my mother cooks my favourite dish. I get excited when i manage to grab the last slice of pizza.I get excited when I win a wrestling match against my brother. I get excited when I get a perfect picture. And I get excited about the smallest things in life that otherwise make no difference at all.

You know I’m very much in the paradox of the little things. I enjoy the little things in my life and these things may not be the coolest things to do but they are important to me as I find joy in doing them. Like the first sip of my coffee in the winter morning gives me a different  kind of contentment.

Too often we underestimate the power of these things that have the potential to make this ordinary life an exciting one. Because we all are so busy trying to accomplish the big things in life that we fail to notice the little things that are capable of bringing immense happiness and magic in our life.

The most beautiful things in life are not actually the ‘things’ but they’re the people and the places, the memories and the pictures. They’re the feelings and moments that were the reason of your laughter and now of your smile. And it’s not the extent of things ” big or small ” that makes a difference but perhaps, the extent to which they spark a fire in your soul, that no substance on this earth can extinguish, leaving you to burn with a passion for life.

And we may not see it today or even tomorrow but we’d look back in a few years and be absolutely perplexed and awed by how every little thing contributed and bought us somewhere wonderful- or where we always wanted to be. Because as we grow up passions fade and enthusiasm and excitement are mistaken for foolishness and immaturity. So just be excited about anything that even remotely makes you happy and don’t let this grey world  stop you from shining.