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Dr Seema Sharma : Whispers Within

ABC Group of Publication, Karnal, Pages 63 Rs. 300     

Whispers Within is the inaugural collection of 25 poems and 5 stories by Dr Seema Sharma, a rising poet. It deals with variety of poems on different issues. This anthology tries to express the observation of life. It talks about the people who are totally lost in their mundane activities and have no concern with the problems of other living beings. Her poetry questions the validation of life.

Two stages of life have been depicted through the poem ‘Youth and Age’ which is a fine example of presenting a contrast between two stages of life depicting two different aspects. “The Bride”, “An Old Man” and “The Graveyard” are fine examples of modern man’s life lacking in sympathy and empathy. Dowry and Marriage are the thought provoking poems on social evils prevailing in our society. The poem “Dowry” and “Marriage’ are the thought provoking pictures of cruelties of people who fail to understand the pain of others in the name of dowry and marriage. The poem ‘’Girlhood” and “Womanhood” represents the sad plight of woman

This book tries to explore the higher purpose of life as man is completely cut off from self introspection and inner self as well. Her poetry questions the callousness of the modern man as has no concern for the pain and suffering of others. The purpose of life is conveyed in the poem “Complaint” which reveals the purpose of life is to give happiness to others. The poem ‘Guest’ talks about a different perspective of life. Moreover some of her poems deal with some tender moments of life. The stories are a satire upon the society which question social, political and educational system of our society. The anthology includes five stories dealing with different perspectives of life . The first story ‘The Rainbow Land”  represents utopia while the others talk of corrupt educational, Economic and Political systems. I recommend this book to other readers. Her tone is wonderful. She is serious at times, but also very witty, which makes for an engaging read.This book “Whispers Within” should be an essential reading for aspiring writers.The book demands transformation in our surroundings and society.

Neetu Bakshi

Assistant Professor of English

S D College (Lahore), Ambala Cantt