An Undertaking of S.D.College (Lahore) Ambala Cantt


(Under the Vedavyaasa Restructuring Sanskrit Scheme)

Depts of Sanskrit, Commerce, Economics, Hindi, NCC & SDHDR&T Center of S D College (Lahore), Ambala Cantt organized a Discussion Session today i.e. on 18th August, 2018, Saturday
on the topic –
“SANSKRIT-SHASTRAS BASED CRITIQUE OF EMERGING TRENDS IN GLOBAL & INDIAN (POLITICAL, BUSINESS, RELIGIOUS) LEADERSHIP” “संस्कृत-शास्त्राधारित वैश्विक एवम् भारतीय नेतृत्व (राजनैतिक, व्यापारिक, साम्प्रदायिक) की उभरती प्रवृत्तियों की मीमांसा”
37 participants including students took part in it. Dr. Sanjay Sharma, Registrar, YMCA, Guru gram presided over the discussion and *Dr. Vishnu Dutt, Principal, SD S snskrit College was the guest of honour. *Dr. S k Deswal, Dr Joginder, Dr Jaiprakash, Dr Shyam Nath Jha, Dr. Mohinder, Dr. Gaurav, Dr. Ekta Anand, prof. Harvinder Singh, prof. Praveen, Prof. Manisha, Dr. Vijay Sharma, Prof. meenakshi , Sh. BDThaper, Sh Anil Mittal, Dr. Baleshwar Kumar actively argued about the various aspects of leadership.
In the beginning floral tributes were paid to late Bharat Ratan Sh A B Vajpayee and 2 mns silence was observed.
Discussion was initiated by a ppt presentation made by dept of Skt on the various aspects of leadership available in Sanskrit literature. (ppt is attached herewith).
Scholars of different subjects found so many similarities between leadership qualities being taught in HR syllabus and sanskrit tradition. They asked -“are these different evaluative methods of leadership and it’s forms, types, parameters being taught in sanskrit courses?” Answer given to M.Com students was- “Sanskrit as a subject has so much to offer but Sanskritists neither believe in changing courses in relevant or useful manner nor want to face emerging challenges as they stick to 70 yrs old course contents”. Dr shyam Nath Jha gave 16 parameters of leadership based on Sanskrit shastra as, Dr Vishnu dutt elaborated upon the shastra based leadership concept, Dr Gaurav proposed material available in Vedas and other shastraas. Dr. sanjay Sharma evaluated different leaders of India and West on those parameters including American, Chinese and Indian political leadership. It is interesting to note tham Manusmriti mentions two types dangerous leaders -1. बकव्रतिक leaders and 2. काकव्रतिक leaders. Most of Indian political leadership falls in these two categories. Discussion could focus only on political and bussiness leadership due to the lack of time. Dr Mohinder discussed essence of leadership in Indian tradition.
It was decided to organize a national seminar on this issue for further elaborations. Discussion was concluded by Dr Sanjay sharma and vote of thanx was proposed by Dr Vijay Sharma.

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with deep regards
Ashutosh Angiras