An Undertaking of S.D.College (Lahore) Ambala Cantt

SDHDRT Center of S D College (Lahore), Ambala cantt.
A two hrs discussion session on the Topic-” पाश्चात्य एवं भारतीय-ज्ञान- परम्परा में आलोचनात्मक- चिन्तन के कार्यवाहक प्रतिमान “” Working Model of Critical Thinking in Western & Indian Tradition of knowledge attended by 25persons on 16th December, 2017, Saturday*which was initiated by *Dr. Pradeep Kumar of IMC&MT, K U K followed by various issues & questions regarding Western model (problem, six parameters of critical thinking, solution) of CT which certainly serves the industrial corporate needs but not applicable in human relationships as this deals with only becoming part of a person not deals with his being and on the other side Indian model based on nyaaya, mimaansaa, Sahitya shastra, anekantvaad found to be more flexible, adjustable both for development needs and being of a person as core of this model is *vivekagyaan of a sahridaya and not hard core professional. Academia & commoners need to be trained in Indian model of critical thinking as its applicability equally deals with emotional, intellectual, Kaarmic conflicts plus misuse of language in this age of information bombardment where keeping ur own balance is a challenge for an aware person.
Prof. Meenakshi Sharma , technical editor of SDHDRTC center updated members about the progress of website of center plus two encyclopedias – sanatan Dharma, Bairagi sect.

Ashutosh Angiras