An Undertaking of S.D.College (Lahore) Ambala Cantt

You asked, Devdutt answered- the complete season 2 based on audience and reader questions.

  • Are the illustrious cleans of the Mahabharata from Suraya Vansh from Chandra Vansh?
  • Which yoga does the Ramayana occur in and does it occur only once?
  • What did haldi, chandan, kumkum and bhasma signifies in puja thali?

After the sensational response of season 1 of EPIC channel’s Devlok with Devdutt Pattnaik. Devdutt invited his viewers and readers to ask him questions about Hindu mythology, which he has answered over thirty thrilling episodes. Prepare to be educated, entertained and move as he delves into the exhilarating variety of Hindu mythology.

In this volume you will discover the difference between dhyan and darshan, astik and nastik, Surya Vansh and Chandra Vansh. There are amusing story about your favorite Hanuman and fascination facts about the fierce Vishnu avatars, Varaha and Narsimha. Learn why Lakshmi and Saraswati are always in conflict in our life. And how woman makes for the most intriguing characters in mythological tales.